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Change your negative beliefs

Are your personal beliefs holding you back?

Your beliefs about yourself and your life have more power over your existence that you can imagine. Personal ideas and values you’ve held for a long time can block the way toward a life you desire. Identify your unhelpful negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones. Examine some beliefs that may be hampering you …

Boost Self-Confidence Fast

4 Great Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence Fast

Struggling with your confidence? You’re not alone. We all strive to have more self-confidence. However, it can be difficult to come by at times. We often hold ourselves to unreasonably high standards, and this can have a negative impact on our self-esteem. However, if you can learn how to leverage and strengthen your self-confidence you …

say goodbye to imposter syndrome

Say Goodbye To Impostor Syndrome

Do you feel like a fraud in danger of being exposed when someone praises your work? Do you think your achievements are just a matter of luck? If so, you may be experiencing Impostor Syndrome. That’s the term psychologists invented in the 1970s when they were studying successful women. Now, they know that men are …