Past Events


I recently did a presentation on Bloom to over 100 of their community members, entitled “Who am I? Finding your way out of the fog in retirement”.  In my talk I introduced the Life Balance Wheel and demonstrated how focusing on improving one’s level of satisfaction in one area of your life can also help improve other areas. Here are some of the comments received after the presentation:

Helped me achieve focus on what is most important for me right now. It was a good topic and was well presented.
Great tools to help us through tough times.
Great hands on exercise. I found out something about myself through the wheel diagram
I liked the idea of separating out what is important in your life and isolating one thing that could improve other things too.
Great presentation and loved the balance wheel and its segments…  am slowly getting out of the fog after two years in retirement!

If you become a member of Bloom you’ll have access to a wide variety of presentations, and you’ll be able to watch the recordings. It’s a wonderful community of adults aged 50+.