And what it isn’t.

The goal of every coach is to help someone become the very best version of themselves, whatever that may be.

We do not teach, counsel or advise. We listen at a very intense level, and we ask questions that help our clients delve deep within to find their own answers. We believe that each individual has all the necessary resources within themselves, and that they will make the best decisions for themselves.

We don’t dwell on the past, or on what’s wrong. We focus on the present and how to move our clients to where they want to be. There is nothing more exciting for a coach than to notice a shift in our client’s voice and/or energy, to witness their ‘aha’ moments, and to observe their growth over time.

If you feel stuck, stagnant, or frustrated with your life, or if you’re struggling to figure out what steps to take to create your best life, hiring a coach might be the best investment in yourself that you’ll ever make.

Who does coaching help?

Essentially anyone who has reached a point in their life where they’re stuck, and are struggling to move forward, can benefit from coaching.

As well, I believe coaching can be complementary to counselling. While counselling serves to heal the past, coaching helps the client focus positively on the future.

Some examples:

  •     Empty-nesters who find themselves with an identity crisis, unsure of who they are or what role they have, now that the kids have moved out
  •     Those in a “mid-life crisis” who are questioning whether this is all there is to life
  •     Executives or team leaders who are unsure how to effectively lead and inspire their teams to greater success
  •    Parents who need help creating a harmonious, loving and functional family unit, who do not wish to  go to counselling
  •    Youth, or young adults, who tend to make poor decisions, as they don’t have the tools or support to help them choose positive actions

If you’re ready to discover how much better your life can be, get in touch and we’ll schedule an introduction session.

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If you're ready to discover how much better your life can be, get in touch and we'll schedule an introduction session. Alternatively schedule a complimentary session on my calendar.